Hey, so this blog is for me to share my life and my interest. Some of it may not be suitable for all eyes, but I don't really care. You chose to look, you have been warned. Other than that, I am gay, have the most wonderful boyfriend and hope you enjoy this blog. :)

Open Minds Live and Love

More personal than usual…

So I got home and I really wanted my BF’s dick deep in me but I am always tight. So I put my 7.5” long and 3”wide dildo up my ass and kept it there with my thong under my pants and just went about the evening for about a hour and a half and then told him. So we went to the bedroom and I started blowing him as he fucked me with the dildo. Then he bent me over and fucked me hard, came in me, and shoved the dildo back in me. I guess after dinner we are having round 2 and 3… Can’t wait!! ;)